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United Kingdom - 1990 E30 M3 "Standard" and 1990 E30 M3 Sport Evolution

My road car - 1990 BMW E30 M3

I bought this car in April 2000. It was and still is close to standard, the colour is Brilliant Red. It was imported into the
UK shortly before that by the vendor. It came with 80,000 miles, and it now has 100,000 miles. It had the Evo 2 front
spoiler when I got it. I have since done the following:

1. Changed the airbag wheel for a Momo Race wheel. I have added an original BMW-Momo horn badge - looks great.
2. New HT leads with red plug covers.
3. Timing chain replaced.
4. New distributor cap and rotor arm.
5. New paint to the spoilers, skirts and mirrors. They looked quite pink, now they are red again.
6. Plenty of other basic maintenance.

It is purely a daily driver now. The equipment includes an electric sunroof, electric windows, air-con, and I have added a
Sony minidisc system. The suspension is standard, and I think this ideal for the road, so I won't be changing it.


My track car - 1990 BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution.

I bought this car in August 2002. It was originally owned by several Germans, and then 2 British owners.It has done
100,000 miles, the colour is Brilliant Red. The timing chain has been replaced. The best bit is the original spec. No
sunroof, no aircon, no stereo. It has wind-up windows and cloth seats (Recaro SRs as fitted by the factory). Previous
owners have added the following:

1. DTM mirrors.
2. Half roll cage by Safety Devices.
3. OMP harnesses.
4. OMP fire extinguisher.
5. Eibach strut brace.
6. Adjustable Konis at the front, adjustable Ledas at the back.

I have modified the brakes:
1. Brake cooling kit from Bimmerworld.
2. Mintex F4R front pads.
3. Braided hoses.
4. Racing brake fluid.

Future plans for the car may include:
1. Big brakes up front....AP Racing?
2. New engine management, ie. and alpha-N set-up. This may include a carbon airbox and 2 sets of injectors.
3. Schrick cams possibly.
4. Coil-over suspension?


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