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Scotland - 1990 E30 M3 Sport Evolution, Number 511/600


This car was originally sold in Germany, it has had 1 German owner who had the individual leather colour scheme ordered. It has a full German BMW service history. In 1999 it was imported into the UK where it was bought by a guy called Tariq Yunas, a dentist from Rugby in England for £15,500.

During the 3 years of his ownership, the car had the chains & related ancillaries replaced at a cost of £2500. The car then suffered from an overheating problem which was sorted by his local BMW dealership, involving a head gasket replacement. Shortly thereafter water started to get into the oil and the car was taken to several specialists who told him that when the head was off the bolt holes had not been blown to remove any oil or water that might have got in there when the head was off. As a result when the head was put back on, torqued back up & the system pressurised, the block cracked.

He took it back to the dealer who refused to admitted liability. After trying in vein to source another engine (like that was on the cards) he relented & took it to the dealer who fitted a new block at a cost of £2500. This was carried out in June 2002 & came with a 2 year warranty.

I whilst on Roadfly posted a message asking if anyone knew of a black Sport Evolution for sale. I was contacted by a guy called Bharat, who put me onto Tariq. After about 20 or so e-mails we kind of agreed a price without seeing the car in the flesh as it were. I then drove down to Rugby which is about 5 hrs away & viewed the car and fell in love with it straight away. Upon checking the paper work I discovered that he had spent £8000 overall on the car, all the work being completed by BMW. I left a £500 deposit and returned home.

On the 12th of August 2002 I flew down from Glasgow and parted with £12,750 less the deposit (being a Scotsman that part really hurt).

The car is immaculate & Tariq has done an outstanding job to bring it up to its current standard.





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